William O'Neill

William O'Neill

Senior Systems Administrator and Configuration Management Engineer

Atlanta, GA, US




Systems Administrator with a broad range of Unix experience. Particularly interested in Open Source technologies and software development environments. In buzzword bingo, DevOps!

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Senior Systems EngineerSpreedly

    May, 2017 - Present

    Implement 'infrastructure as code' for Spreedly's existing co-located servers and refactor as needed for a migration to AWS based services.

    • Toolchain used for 'infrastructure as code' is a mix of Ansible, Packer, and Terraform.

  • Lead Infrastructure Automation EngineerGE Digital

    Aug, 2016 - May, 20179 months

    Improve automation of the wing to wing monitoring of GE's network and compute assets. Consolidate monitoring tool sprawl by creating business unit dashboards.

    • Developed an 'easy button' for the first contact helpdesk which empowered them to do tasks such as pinging hosts, check on application status, and even reboot machines with supervisor approval.

    • Implemented full lifecycle deployment of microservices via Jenkins for builds, Sphinx/Swagger generated documentation, artifact storage in Artifactory, and final deployment via Ansible.

  • Senior Infrastructure EngineerMailChimp

    Apr, 2015 - May, 20161 year 1 month

    • Migrated high traffic DNS domains from a provider that billed based on usage to Akamai. This reduced costs since billing was no longer traffic based and increased the SLA for DNS.

    • Consolidated hundreds of domain names spread across several registrars to one registrar. This made management of domain names more consistent, provided visibility into domain names that should be added or dropped as necessary, and enabled creation of a customized 'parked page' for unused domains.

  • Infrastructure EngineerMailChimp

    Oct, 2012 - Apr, 20152 years 6 months

    Helped move MailChimp from 3rd party managed hosting operations to self-managed colocation datacenters. This move reduced operations costs, improved service reliability, and provided a model for future server growth.

    • Developed internal tooling that automatically provisioned servers from 'rack and stack' bare metal to a fully installed OS registered with an in-house CMDB.

    • Implemented configuration management using Puppet, replacing an in-house configuration management tool who's development had been abandoned.

    • Helped scale the operations team from 3 people to ~40 engineers. This involved documentation of the greenfield datacenter implementations, tech talks on subjects such as Puppet development, infrastructure testing, and 1-on-1 mentorship.

    • Subject matter expert on testing Puppet prior to deploying to production. Designed a common template for new Puppet modules that includes testing run via Docker instances.

  • Systems EngineerIntercontinental Exchange, Inc.

    Mar, 2010 - Oct, 20122 years 7 months

    Manage >4000 server nodes spread across 6 data centers. Servers are a heterogeneous combination of Solaris, Linux, AIX and Windows.

    • Implemented Puppet to manage server configurations. This increased the consistency of server roll-outs and simplified updating existing configurations.

    • Introduced Cobbler to automate Kickstart installations. The previous Linux build system was either one-off (CD based) or RHN dependent.

    • Designed an automated AWS provisioning system for realistic load testing of public facing applications. Also developed a process for end-user requests that prevented unused instances from remaining active which reduced overall costs.

  • Senior Configuration EngineerEmployease

    Jun, 2008 - Mar, 20101 year 9 months

    • Manage the construction and provisioning of environments that support the software as a service (SaaS) transition through development, QA, and production deployments.

    • Implemented a set of continuous integration (CI) servers that handle ANT and Maven builds, including reporting of code quality metrics.

    • Established a Maven repository to support hosting locally created artifacts and to improve download speed of upstream artifacts.

    • Migrated source code repository from CVS to Subversion, utilizing a mirrored model that enabled developers connected over a slow WAN link to work efficiently.

  • Systems Administrator/Configuration EngineerCheckFree (now Fiserv)

    Nov, 2005 - May, 20082 years 6 months

    • Manage the build and unit testing of Biller Solutions software across multiple platforms including Linux, Solaris, AIX, HPUX and Windows servers. The build and test environment was primarily Java based with some native platform compilation.

    • Migrated source code repository from ClearCase to Subversion, which resulted in significant licensing and support cost reductions as well as improved developers’ productivity.

    • Revamped manual build processes to a continuous integration (CI) model. Currently using Hudson as the CI framework.

    • Consolidated Windows and Linux servers onto VMware ESX servers, reducing the server room footprint along with improving server provisioning turn-around time.

    • Investigated virtualization options for Solaris and AIX such as zones and LPARs.

    • Implemented a wiki system to facilitate “HOWTO” documentation and debugging information.

  • Senior Systems AdministratorArris

    Jan, 2001 - Nov, 20054 years 10 months

    • Support ClearCase servers at three sites. Multisite synchronization is maintained across six geographically dispersed Sun E250 servers hosting approximately 1TB of source code.

    • Maintain and provide end user support for developer tools such as ClearCase, CVS, RCS, and various compiler suites.

    • Migrated desktop access to Unix file shares utilizing 3rd party NFS clients to a Samba environment that saved on licensing costs as well as reduced desktop support issues.

    • Automated installation/recovery of Solaris and Red Hat Linux servers utilizing Jumpstart and Kickstart.

    • Upgraded web servers from a no-longer supported version of Netscape SuiteSpot to Apache with SSL certificates.

  • Consultant, Collective Technologies

    Jun, 1998 - Nov, 20002 years 5 months

    • Consulted with multiple clients on projects such as the following:

    • Performed data center relocations with minimal downtime.

    • Designed and implemented a Red Hat Linux network utilizing LDAP servers for login authentication and email routing used by a California school district.

    • Centralized configuration management for a 100-node Linux network used by a document imaging corporation.

    • Implemented SNMP based monitoring of UNIX systems and high-speed printers.

    • Created Perl scripts to generate Web server traffic reports for determining advertising effectiveness, including the number of visitors, type of search, and geographic location.

    • Designed, wrote, and documented Perl scripts to collect satellite data from worldwide downlink stations and store the data in a SQL database. Also wrote scripts to perform ad-hoc queries on the database for reporting purposes.

    • Taught a two-week “crash course” on UNIX System Administration to a Big 5 accounting firm training class.

  • UNIX Systems AdministratorTemple University

    Sep, 1991 - Jun, 19986 years 9 months

    • Installed, configured, and administered Netscape and Apache web servers, USENET News (INN) servers, an anonymous FTP (wu-ftpd) server, and Sendmail software.

    • Improved system performance by migrating users and applications from Control Data EP/IX and NeXT systems to DIGITAL UNIX and Solaris platforms.

    • Maintained DNS servers running BIND.

    • Designed and implemented a web-based email and telephone directory in Perl that collected data from an SQL database of human resources and user-added information.

    • Installed, configured, and documented procedures for installing COPS, TCP Wrappers, and identd.



  • Mass Communication, Bachelor of Arts, Temple University

    Sep, 1990 - Dec, 1994



  • Raising Children vs Raising Rabbits - PAYMENTSfn 2018 , Confreaks TV

    Published on: Jun 27, 2018

    A lightning talk I gave at PAYMENTSfn 2018 about the tooling behind Spreedly's cloud instances and how compliance and security are built into the process.

  • Octotales: MailChimp , GitHub

    Published on: Mar 15, 2016

    GitHub's video profile of MailChimp and their use of GitHub Enterprise. "As an infrastructure guy, code is our poetry"

  • Continuous Deployment of Puppet Modules , Atlanta Puppet Camp 2014

    Published on: Jan 05, 2015

    Presentation given at the Atlanta Puppet Camp in December 2014 about how MailChimp uses a combination of DSL tooling, editor plugins, peer review, and Jenkins to do continuous deployment of puppet modules to their infrastructure. Slide sources available at https://github.com/woneill/puppetcamp_atlanta_2014